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3 Reasons You Should Design Your Own Furniture

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Here at Impala Sofas, it’s not just the standard furniture, sofas, chairs and cushions that we sell.

We also give you the option to design your dream furniture.

For some, simply buying a standard designed sofa or chair just isn’t enough. Sometimes having a chair that is personalised, that nobody else has, can feel exclusive and well, cool.

Or perhaps you haven’t found your dream sofa yet and want to design something that suits your taste and the rest of your home.

Whatever the reason may be, here are 3 reasons why you should consider designing your own furniture.


Designing your own furniture often means a one of a kind, unique piece that is designed and styled to your taste.

Choose from a wide range of fabrics, sizes, finishes and more to create the ultimate personalised furniture that’s tailored to meet your requirements.


Sometimes we fall in love with furniture and buy it because we love it. Only to get it delivered and realise it doesn’t fit in the house or there are measurement issues.

The sofa blocks the living room door or looks completely different to how you envisioned it in your home.

We’ve heard the horror stories and that’s why practically speaking if you need furniture that works with your home, it’s best to design it yourself.

The Perfect Fit

Which leads us onto our final point.

When you design your furniture you can provide us with all the requirements, measurements, sketches, 3D mockups. However, you choose.

We can then go ahead and design your furniture that meets your requirements perfectly, so your sofa will just fit easily and perfectly into your home, without the worry of it being too big, small or intrusive.

Start Designing Your Dream Furniture Today

All we need from you is a breakdown of your requirements. And as we said, you can give us any additional information such as sketches, 3D mockups, whatever extra information you think we should have when designing your dream furniture.

Don’t compromise, buying furniture for your home is an investment, so why would you want to buy something you’re not 100% satisfied with?

That’s why we’ve got our own bespoke designs service available on our website.

We specialise in bringing your interior designs to life.

So let your imagination wander and be bold with your choices. No design or style is too difficult!