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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa For Your Space

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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa For Your Space

Choosing a new sofa for your space is exciting, but it can quickly become overwhelming.

With the lastest ‘deals’ and low stock warnings filling your inbox and sales teams pouncing as you step foot in the door, it’s easy to see why so many buyers feel rushed into making that all-important decision.

So, before you get swept away, let’s take a look at a few things that you should consider before browsing!

1 Size Matters

When it comes to purchasing your new sofa suite, size really does matter.

Whether you have plenty of floor space to play with or you’re looking for something a little more generous but still keeps dimensions in mind, your decision will always reflect upon size.

So, before you fall in love with something that’s too big for your space, dig out that measuring tape. Look at your available space and try and reevaluate your rooms potential. Finding a new home for certain furniture can open up a world of possibilities.

2 Think About Your Décor

One element that often takes the longest to conclude is style.

It’s true when they say a new sofa suite can breathe a new lease of life into a space. For some prospective purchasers, even the notion of buying a new suite encourages a complete décor overhaul. So, before you start browsing, take some time to consider styles and colours that would complement your living space.

3 What’s The Purpose Of Your Sofa?

With size constraints in mind, and what feels like endless styles and colours to choose from, the actual purpose of the sofa often gets completely overlooked. If you’re looking for a sofa that is going to see you through your two children growing up or a household of muddy paws and fluffy companions, the purpose of the sofa plays a big role in overall longevity. Consider fabrics that are hardwearing and easily cleanable, like our Impala Fabric.

4 Always Choose Quality

Deals are everywhere and saving hundreds of pounds on a new sofa may seem like the perfect option at the time. However, imagine that same sofa two Christmas gatherings later and all the family antics in-between. Saggy, un-supportive cushions, tiered fabrics and a very disappointed owner…

There’s no doubt that opting for quality will ultimately cost you more initially, but in that single lifespan, you could be looking at buying two, if not three other sofas and ultimately burning more money in the long run.

So, before bagging that unbelievable deal, think about what you will be receiving in return!

5 The Fabric Matters

Little emphasis is often put on fabrics. After all, there are miracle cleaners and endless protection plans, right?


Furniture retailers are quick to dish out the ‘ultimate’ protection plans with every purchase, but be sure to read the T&C’s. Some protection plans will only cover you for a certain time frame, up to, typically the cost of your sofa suite. With a busy family life, frequent cleaning technician visits can soon diminish the available allowance.

Additionally, the ‘miracle’ cleaning kits that are often supplied struggle to tackle the tough stains like market pens and nasty red wine stains. Despite how hard you tackle that stain, some are there to stay, so ensure you pay close attention to the details of the fabric. Resilient materials like the Impala Fabrics are hardwearing and difficult stains such as red wine and markers can simply be rubbed away!