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How To Turn Your Home Into A Spring Oasis

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Bringing nature into your home is the ultimate style trend right now.

Not only are house plants a great way to bring colour and style to your home but they have a whole range of benefits too! They can clean toxins out of the air, they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. They also control the humidity in your room! Plants are not only great for your home, but many plant owners also say that looking after plants is rewarding and seeing them flourish is worth putting in the work.

But it is important to understand the needs of the plant you’re buying, and start off with an easy to look after type. Below I have listed some easy to take care of houseplants that will survive the odd overwatering (or under). I have detailed the basics about how to take care of them and the right water and light for their needs.

Some of our favourite easy houseplants to take care of:


Yucca plants look so lovely in the home, and yet are so easy to take care of! Give them plenty of direct sunlight and don’t overwater and your Yucca will be happy! (Picture Source Waitrose)

Calathea (or Peacock Plant)

If you are up for a more challenging plant with a huge payoff, the Calathea plants have a gorgeous and unusual leaf pattern. With green and white tops and a stunning pink red bottom. However, these plants can be difficult to keep! They love a well-heated room, lots of light but not direct sunlight, and high humidity. (Picture Source Waitrose)


Cacti’s are a staple easy to take care of house plant! They are a popular go-to for inexperienced plant owners. Make sure they have bright sunlight, and don’t overwater them. This is the best plant to get if you forget to water your plants often.


Succulents, like cacti, are a home staple. They are also so easy to take care of! Just be sure to water them sparingly, and keep in a warm place with indirect sunlight.

Aloe Vera

These cool looking plants are a great asset to any home! Break open a leaf to find aloe vera gel, which is thought to have healing properties. These easy houseplants need bright indirect light and a good water once every 1-2 weeks.