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Breathe Life Into Your Sofa With Restoration

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Do you remember when you first purchased your perfect sofa? From its eagerly anticipated arrival to its first placement within your home. The sense of overwhelming pride and enjoyment left you eager to ensure that it was kept in pristine condition. Every crumb and spill carefully treated to ensure it’s longevity. However, despite all of your efforts over the years, the odd glass of red wine or children’s craft materials can eventually leave its mark on your favourite furnishings.

Designer Fabric That Really Lasts

Fabric furnishings offer so much to a living space as well as the individual user. Excellent comfort and irresistible warmth are some of the qualities that we all subconsciously enjoy as we take the weight off. However, fabric furnishings are often vulnerable to staining and subsequently show their age sooner than you would have hoped. Although this is a true eventuality for many fabric furnishings, this is where our Designer Impala Fabric differs. Unlike traditional furniture coverings, Impala Fabrics allows you to wipe the toughest stains away using just water as our demonstration video displays.

Restoring Your Sofa To Life

With this in mind, you may be wondering, “what does this mean for my family loved furnishings”?

If your once statement piece is leaving you feeling a little less proud than it once did, then it’s certainly time to change that. Before you send your beloved sofa to the household waste site ensure that you have considered all the possibilities before waving that final goodbye. After all, have you ever considered restoration?

At Impala we not only breathe new life into new interior projects, but we also give an old favourite a new lease of life.

Take a Look At This Restoration Project That We Completed Recently:

The sofa suite pictured above had a very unclear future. The owner had grown tired of its ‘family loved’ appearance and was confident that its time with the family had come to an end. That was until they contacted the team here at Impala. Once we outlined the requirements, we got to work restoring this statement suite to its former glory.

Here’s that same suite now. 

Now covered with our revolutionary stain resistant designer fabric this gorgeous sofa suite will now be fully equipped to tackle the rigours of family life. If you have a project in mind, despite how big or small, the team here at Impala are keen to help bring your interior design goals to life.